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Before entering, please make sure that you have fully read our Submissions Guidelines and Information


You must fill out forms for all of the Awards you wish to enter before posting the pamphlets to us.


You will be able to enter multiple pamphlets to a single Award on the same page of this Entry Portal (e.g. several titles to the Poetry Award).


Please return to this page if you wish to enter pamphlets into a second or third Award (e.g., you have already entered several titles to the Poetry Award, and now want to enter the Publishers' Award and Illustration Award). 


You won’t be able to save your entry and then return to it, so we suggest that Publishers and Illustrators prepare their statements in advance, and save them in a separate document. 


You will reach a 'Success' page when your entry to each Award has reached us. Please then post your pamphlets to us, with your name/publisher marked clearly, to the mailing address that is on page 7 of the Submissions Guidelines and Information. You will receive an email acknowledgement after we have received and catalogued the pamphlets. 


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